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PREC: Backstory And Voice Cast

In The Year 3224, The 25 year great war between humans & mobians was ended, & peace settled across planet Mobius, until An Evil Being Known As dr. robotnik Lead an invasion, he had the upper hand with his robotic Soldiers Known As S.W.A.T bots, But a team of heroes known as "the millennium rangers" We're able to defeat robotnik they stopped him from taking over planet mobius, Armand D'coolette, the black Millenium Ranger sacrificed his life to destroy robotnik's machine, Marie D'coolette, the purple Millenium ranger took care of their son, Antoine for armand, knowing that he will be a great man one day, & Robotnik was exiled to prison island, Armadeus Prower & Rosemary prower the green & pink millenium rangers had a newborn son named miles "tails" prower, All The Millenium Rangers Went on to live Normal & peaceful lives, & Planet Mobius was safe, now 11 years later, in the year 3235, Robotnik was broken out out of pris
:iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 2 0
Power Rangers Emerald Charge: Theme Song

They've got a power and a force
that you've never seen before.
They've got the ability to morph
and to even up the score.
No one can ever take them down,
the Chaos power lies on their siiiide.
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
Emerald Charge Power Rangers
They know the fate of Mobius is lying in their hands.
They know to only use their weapons for defense.
No one will ever take them down,
the Chaos power lies on their siiiide.
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
You Emerald Charge Power Rangers
No one can ever take them down
the Chaos power lies on their siiiide.
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
You Emerald Charge Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers
:iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 0 0
Saban's Power Rangers Emerald Charge :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 2 0 Super Hero Taisen X :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 3 3 SCVI: Sonic The Hedgehog :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 6 2 Soul Calibur VI :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 0 0 Sonic And Sally's Wedding Of The Century :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 10 0 Sally Acorn As Captain Falcon :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 2 0 The Invincible Iron Hog :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 1 0 KRSF: Arwing Saber :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 3 2 Amy Rose As Rescue :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 0 3
Mature content
Princess Sally: You Done Fucked It Up! :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 3 7
Kamen Rider Star Fox The Movie (Japanese Logo) :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 0 0 Kamen Rider Star Fox (Japanese Logo) :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 0 0 Kamen Rider Star Fox :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 2 0 All-New World's Finest :iconburningmario234:Burningmario234 2 1


Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form and Hyper Sonic :iconferrokiva:FerroKiva 22 4 Sonic: The Legend of King Arthur Pg 1 :iconsonikkufan94:SonikkuFan94 30 14 Have you told her yet?? :iconopal-nyan:Opal-Nyan 85 26 Eat something else for once! :iconopal-nyan:Opal-Nyan 50 11 Sonic: The Legend of King Arthur Cover :iconsonikkufan94:SonikkuFan94 19 17
The End of the 2nd Robotnik War? (Prologue)
A/N: Hello my readers! For this story I’m trying something new. This entire chapter is going to be from Sonic’s perspective because I want to flesh him out a bit more. Let me know what y’all think. This takes place 2 days after my previous story (197 Redone). So let’s see what’s going on in that noggin of his.
A Blue Hero At Odds
Man am I pumped! It’s finally time. Time to stop Eggman for good. Me and the gang have taken out all the cronies guarding his Egg-Dome, and it was pretty easy too… Maybe a little too easy. Then again, the Dark Egg Legion has never been much of a threat. I still think that Scratch and Grounder were more challenging, haha. Anyways, all we gotta do now is wait for Rotor to set-up the dynamite so we can “knock” on his front door. Heh, hope the doc doesn’t mind an explosive entrance.
“Yo, Rote. We good to go?”
I got a smile and a thumbs up from him,
“Yep. The dynamite is rig
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 6 5
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 197 Redone

Major thanks to my girlfriend for helping me with some key parts of the story. She's the Sonic to my Sally :3. I really hope you all enjoy as usual.
A Well Deserved Break (Issue 197 Redone)
It's a rainy morning in the nanite city...
Sonic had woken up early in the morning, and after seeing the rain, decided to visit Sally. Luckily, when he arrived, the princess had
been awake too, and she suggested that they should play chess until the rain stops. But the Blue Blur has never heard of the game, which shocked the princess. So
after quickly explaining the rules to him the two began to play multiple matches. Sally had dominated almost every game, frustrating the hedgehog.
She HAD dominated until-
"Ha! Checkmate! In your face, Sal!" Sonic cheered, growing a cocky grin.
Sally smiled in amusement,
"Excellent work, Sonic. The score is now fourteen to one."
Hearing this made the hedgehog immediately pout,
"You were keeping c
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 7 2
STH: The Anti-Mobius Saga Finale

Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one. Time for the finale of the Anti-Mobius Saga. For those who have stuck around until the end of this, Thank you. I would've stopped writing a long time ago if no one appreciated my work. As long as a few people read and enjoy my stories, I will continue to write.

STH: The Anti-Mobius Saga Finale (195-196 Redone)

Mobius, two hundred years into the future (3437 P.X.E)…
A white hedgehog named Silver is seen flying above the ruins of a devastated city. He looks up at the sky, which was red with a tinge of orange. He eventually comes
across a giant skyscraper and uses his psychokinesis to fly up the building. He lands on the edge of the roof and scans the entire vicinity, seeing nothing but a
Silver sits on the corner of the skyscraper and staring out into the distance,
'Still nobody…' he thought.
Looking at th
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 8 0
STH: The Anti-Mobius Saga Part III

Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one.

STH: The Anti-Mobius Saga Part III (193-194 Redone)
Outside of Freedom HQ, evening…
After leaving Sonic and Knuckles, Scourge heads back to the HQ to see Boomer's progress on the main computer. The Suppression Squad watches as he makes his way
towards the cybernetic walrus.
Scourge looks at Boomer and grins,
"Time's up, nerd. Have you finished hackin' into the computer or what?"
Boomer starts to sweat,
"Not yet, your highness. Just give me a couple more-"
Scourge grabs Boomer by the neck before he can even finish his sentence,
"I toldja what would happen if you didn't finish by the end of the day."
Boomer was terrified and he braced himself for Scourge's beating.
Fiona steps in though,
"Stop, Scourge! He doesn't need to hack the computer!"
Scourge puts Boomer down and turns towards Fiona wit
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 7 0
STH: The Anti-Mobius Saga Part I

Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one. This is going to be my longest story yet (Issues 189-196). I'm going to split it into 4 parts (2 issues per story). Should be epic! For those who have stuck around for this long, thank you so much. Let's kick things off!
STH: The Anti-Mobius Saga Part I (189-190 Redone)

Chapter 1: A Bold New Moebius
Anti-Mobius, three days ago…
Scourge the Hedgehog and Fiona Fox appear in the alternate dimension thanks to the stolen warp ring they possessed. They had left Mobius in fear of Enerjak
destroying the entire planet.
"Here we are, Fi. Welcome to my home turf." Scourge said.
Fiona analyzed her surroundings with a look of intrigue,
"Wow, it looks just like Mobius."
The hedgehog grinned,
"It won't when I'm done with it. I got big plans for this pl
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 7 2
'Why of course, my lady' :iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 8 4
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 187-188 Redone

Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one. Sorry for the delay, had to keep pushing this back for quality purposes. Not to mention my internet going down multiple times. Anyways,I'm skipping 180-186 because they fit into my timeline perfectly. No changes need to made to those issues. But for those that don't know what happened I'll direct you here:
I'd also like to thank fellow writer, SonicWindAttack for helping me with a very important part of this story. I recommend checking him out. He and a bunch of others are working on an awesome continuation of Archie Sonic's original continuity.
Check him out he
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 5 3
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 178-79 Redone

Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one.

Sonic the Hedgehog: House of Cards (Issue 178 and 179 Redone)
It was a rather quiet evening in New Mobotropolis...
It's only been a couple hours since the defeat of Eggman and all of the citizens were enjoying the peace, having settled down in their new homes. However, the
same can't be said about Tails and his family. Amadeus and his wife, Rosemary, are about to have a small discussion regarding the kingdom. Unknowingly to them, Tails
can hear the conversation clearly from his room.
"I do believe that it's time for change, Rosemary. I grow weary of the Acorn Family and their failure to protect our people." Amadeus said.
"I agree, dear. I've been working on a speech to coerce the citizens of Knothole. Would you like to take a look?" Rosemary asked.
"I'd be honored." Amadeus replied, grabbing t
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 5 4
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 175-77 Redone

Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one. A lot of changes have been made and it was by far the hardest saga to redo so far. I hope you
can spot the references. I really hope you enjoy!

Sonic the Hedgehog: Eggman's Plot (Issue 175-177 Redone)

During the morning of the Antoine and Bunnie's wedding, Espio decides to go on an espionage mission to New Megaopolis. His team tried to convince him to
remain with them, but the chameleon was too skeptical about Robotnik and went against their wishes. However, he did promise them that he'd return by the
time the wedding started.
'I'm sorry, Knuckles. I know that you wanted me to stay for the wedding. But Dr. Robotnik has been quiet for too long, and I'm terribly suspicious.' Espio thought as he
approached New Megaopolis.
He loo
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 5 2
Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 174 Redone

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 174 Redone
Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one. Wedding Bells! It's time for the wedding of Antoine and Bunny. A lot of dialogue changed and some added scenes. A lot of mushy stuff here so I really felt happy writing this. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!
At Sonic's hut, everybody is getting prepared for the wedding of Antoine and Bunnie...
Sonic is adjusting his suit, looking into a mirror as his Uncle Chuck comes in to see if he's finished.
The elderly hedgehog raise both eyebrows and smiled,
"Wow, Sonny! You clean up nicely. That blazer really suits you."
Sonic admired himself in the mirror,
"Thanks Unc. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of dressing all formal. But even I'll admit I look pretty good."
"I'm sure Princess Sally will think so too, darling. It was nice of you to accept Antoine's offer of being the best man."
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 4 4
Sonic the Hedgehog 172 and 173 Redone

Be sure to read my previous stories since they connect to this one.

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 172 and 173 Redone
Sonic and Sally are just finishing their lunch at Chuck's Diner.
They decided to take a thirty minute break after an hour of searching for Tails.
Sonic was rubbing his stomach with a satisfied smile,
"Oh, boy! That hit the spot!"
Sally smiles warmly at him, putting her hand on his,
"Mmmhmm, I definitely needed that. Your Uncle Chuck is such a good cook."
The chipmunk then grew a sheepish expression,
"I wish I could cook like him... I'm a horrible cook."
Sonic chuckles,
"No kidding. I remember when you made cookies for everyone and made us all sick."
Sally smirks at his jab and teases him back,
"Well you aren't much better, mister. There are still chili stains on the mess hall ceiling from when you tried to make us dinne
:iconsonic3cdkk:Sonic3CDKK 4 0



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Hi everyone, It's me Burningmario234,

I am proud to announce that  Me & my friend are gonna bring you this New & unique universe to date, it's called the froexd/burningmario universe, starting with kamen rider x super sentai x sonic: super hero taisen X, introducing, kamen rider star fox, emerald sentai chaosranger A.K.A power rangers emerald chaos, sentinel titan, gairuken, & many other heroes & villains down the road, so be on the lookout for this new universe, beginning fall 2018, maybe we'll see you there.


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Benjamin Raymer
United States
I'm An Artist Looking to Create all-new projects... Formerly Known As Comicglee, Now i'm Back & Better Then Ever, You Can Call Me Burningmario234.



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